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Princess Party Favors For Your Girl's Birthday Party

Princess Party Favors For Your Girl's Birthday Party

By Jillian Gallo

One Princess party idea that is necessary if you want your party to be an honest to goodness event fit for a princess is a tiara or a princess hat. It is the perfect party favor for your royal event.

The good news is you can find tiaras as easy as 123...well, at least as easy as clicking on a picture at my princess party web site. The same goes for a princess hat, pick out the royal head topper that fits your party budget. You will find my favorite tiara, one that is not too expensive, at my site. You can also find instructions on how to make your own party tiara.

One way to provide a tiara or princess hat for your party guests is to make one. Now your party favor idea doubles as a fun party activity. It can be as simple or as elaborate a project...which ever you choose. I usually go for easy, but that's me. You can find some easy craft ideas at How to Make a Princess Tiara, you can find that at Princess Party Ideas.

Here are some other fun party favor ideas that fit with your princess party theme. Little girls love the princess theme and you can find games, decorations and party supplies in several different princess patterns. We try to make a princess theme party easy to plan, because a party should be fun...not a lot of work!

Here are some party favor ideas any princess would enjoy:

1. A tiara, a princess hat, a princess skirt, a royal scepter...any princess accessory will be a fun party favor when you use a princess theme for your daughter's next birthday party. Dress up fun is always welcome at a little girls birthday party.

2. Princesses love jewelry and that makes edible princess jewelry a thrilling party favor for those little ladies. Edible necklaces, bracelets and rings are the ideal treat/favor combination. Let the girls wear these sweet treats first and then eat them later.

3. Give out some real Princess jewelry...faux pearls styled in a necklace, A princess bracelet, a glow necklace or ring, jeweled tiara...any sparkly jewel to make each guest feel like a royal princess decked out in the jewels of the kingdom. Girls like glow jewelry, so that is another fun item your little princesses' will enjoy wearing at the party.

4. A Princesses royal tresses are one of her most lovely features. Ladies in waiting have, for centuries, braided and combed her ladies hair in an effort to make it shiny and silky. Make your princesses well groomed with any of these fun hair accessories...a jeweled barrette, a fancy butterfly clip, jeweled hair combs, glitter hair gel, a bright flower on a clip. Get self adhesive jewels and let each girl decorate her own royal hair accessory.

You can use a party favor box or bag decorated with some royal embellishments, fill it with princess stickers, tattoos, glow jewelry or princess candy and of course, the girls will wear their princess tiara or princess hat home. You can find party supplies, and that includes party favor boxes and bags, that match your princess party theme and decorations.

Ms. Party Ideas is Jillian Gallo and she writes about fun party stuff! Find all the unique party ideas and cheap party supplies at Get the princess party food ideas, party games, favor ideas for kids, everything you need to plan the best princess party ever. will tell you how to make a tiara, a pumpkin carriage or a regal party keepsake your guests can enjoy for a long time to come. This is the ideal girls birthday party theme so make it perfect for your little girl.

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