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Party Themes - Top 4 Girl Birthday Party Themes

Party Themes - Top 4 Girl Birthday Party Themes

By Chelsea Gillespie

Planning a child's birthday party is never easy. Children can be very particular in their tastes and wants. It can be a daunting task to have to find the exact theme your child wants at an affordable price. Throughout this article I will list several ideas for different girls birthday party themes.

1. Disney Princess- Most little girls have a favorite Disney princess. Whether it's Cinderella, Bell, Ariel, or the newest Disney princess; Princess Tiana, from Princess And The Frog. No matter the princess it is always a good option for a girl's birthday party. Most Disney products are well stocked and easy to find at any party store location. This makes it that much more appealing for your daughters upcoming birthday.

2. Barbie- Whether your little girl is mesmerized by the adventurous Barbie Princess movies or she just loves to play with Barbies; the Barbie party line is a great choice. Many places that sell Barbie birthday themes will have a wide variety to choose from. Much like Disney Princesses your daughter will have her favorite one, making it imperative that you find the right one. Searching online before going to a store is a sure way to know what the store will carry. Don't be afraid to call the store and ask if they have the specific item you need. This will help you avoid a trip back to their return counter and an upset little girl.

3. Stripes or Polka Dots- If the birthday girl is older than 12 you might have a harder time with themes. Sometimes it is safer to do a theme that is a little more general. Stripes and polka dot colors in very vibrant and fun colors can be just the trick to put a smile on their face. Lime green and pink or brown and pink are a very fun and young color pairing that most teenagers will love. It is easiest to shop with them and learn what their style is. Take them to the store with you and find out exactly what they want.

4. Twilight- Another popular teen theme right now is Twilight. Teen girls seem to crave the men of Twilight and would love a whole event themed around the vampires. The popularity of the party theme can cause the prices to be high. I would recommend you look online to compare prices with other places. This will assure that you are getting the best deal for your daughters birthday party.

I hope these ideas will help guide your party planning for that special birthday girl. Make sure you keep the party about her and be aware of what she prefers. With a little planning, shopping and love she will have the best party that she could have ever imagined.

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