Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Birthday Party Tips For Parents

By Justine C. Tajonera

Many parents give a lot of attention to their baby's first birthday party. However, they sometimes forget that their child is too young to actually appreciate their efforts. Below are some tips for parents on how to maximize their child's first birthday party without breaking the bank while making sure that it's still memorable.

Document the Event for Years to Come

If there's one thing a parent should invest in it should be the documentation of a first birthday party. Since a child will be too young to appreciate or even remember his first birthday party, it would make sense for parents to preserve the memory for their child. When the child is older, he will surely appreciate all the effort that his parents put into his first birthday party. If the parents can spare the time, they can even put together a little scrapbook for their child so that their child can go over the story of their first birthday over and over again.

Make Sure the Adults Enjoy the Food and Activities

A first birthday party is more of an adult affair rather than a children's affair. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to have a lot of kids present during the party. However, the birthday celebrant will not be able to interact with the other children, much less appreciate magic shows and games. Thus, parents should make sure that activities and food are suited to the friends and family that they will invite to the party.

No Need to Splurge on Giveaways, Decor and Entertainment

While a first birthday party should be special, there's no need for parents to splurge too much on giveaways, decor and entertainment as their child will be too young to appreciate them anyway, other than in pictures. A simple token of appreciation for the guests will do. The decor can be consistent with the theme and need not be extravagant at all. Lastly, parents can concentrate their budget on the quality of the food and the venue, which their adult guests and relatives will appreciate, rather than the host and entertainment.

Have Grandparents, Relatives and Friends Write Down their Birthday Wishes

Lastly, as part of the legacy that parents may want to leave to their child, they can ask grandparents, relatives and other guests to write down their birthday wishes for the birthday celebrant. If it is part of the documentation package, they can have it recorded on video so that the birthday celebrant will be able to see and hear what their grandparents, aunts and uncles wished for him on his birthday. This sharing of good wishes will surely make the event more memorable both for the guests, the parents and the birthday celebrant.

Looking for inspiring first birthday party themes? Why not a story-book themed children's party for your little one? If you are looking for something unique for a toddler or preschooler, add some spice to a children's party by having a DIY Cupcake Booth at your child's birthday party that both kids and adults will love.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun Games For Kids Birthday Parties

By Jillian Gallo

Fun games to use at your next kids birthday party are right here. Just choose some of these titles and twist them a little bit. Make them match your unique party theme. For example, Simon Says can become the Mummy Says at a Halloween party or it can become The Pirate Says at a kids pirate party. Use these classic fun party games, add a new title and make it unique to your party. Give your party guests a really fun, fun, fun game session at that special boy or girls birthday celebration.

Mad Libs is a fun way to get party guests to open up. What Mad Libs do is make a story...a funny story. And everyone can help to make this story and it should be silly...that is what makes it so much fun. You begin to play Mad Libs with a basic story line. You must leave some words out and put in the kind of word that will fit there. For example, Mary blank her that blank would need to be filled in by a Verb. Mary wore a blank on her head. That blank would need to be filled in by a Noun. the game goes along? Each child or guest can fill in one of the missing words and then when the words are all filled in read the story....You can find books with party Mad Libs in them or you can make up your own story line using the names of the birthday star and the party guests in it.

Chinese Whispers is another very simple game that is fun to play. Sit everyone in a circle and have someone start playing by telling them the Game Sentence. In Chinese Whispers a sentence or phrase is told to the first player. That player must whisper it to the next player and so on around the circle. When the phrase or sentence is told to the last player, that player must stand up and say the sentence out loud. What is so funny about that? Well, usually by the time the message is delivered to everyone, it has changed a great deal from the original sentence. Make your sentence something silly like "Wet dogs shake and shake to get dry" or "Dogs use umbrellas only when it rains cats and dogs". Now you can also rename your game to fit your party theme. The Pirate Whispers at a pirate party and the Princess Whispers at a princess theme party...and have your phrase match the theme as well.

Musical Party Games are fun for everyone. Freeze Dance and Musical Chairs are two that come to mind right always when we are talking about fun musical party games for kids. With either game you need someone to stop and start the music. To play these games you will need either a dance floor area or chairs set around in a circle. With Freeze Dance when the music starts everyone begins to dance. When the music stops everyone must freeze. If a dancer does not freeze right away they are out. With Muscial Chairs you must have one less chair than you have players. Every time a player is eliminated you remove another chair. Here is how you play. Set the chairs out in a circle and when the music begins to play have all the party guests walk around the circle of chairs. When the music stops each child must sit in a chair. The one who does not have a chair to sit in is out. Let the kids who are out start on a party craft or the next activity. Now to make these fun party games unique, rename them. Royal Ball Freeze Dance or Pirates Freeze Dance will make these simple and fun party games a bit more exciting for your guests.

Pass the Parcel is an entertaining and fun party game for a kids birthday party...and adults will enjoy it too. It is another musical party game so have the music ready. It's one of those fun, fun, fun games that has been handed down through the years because it is enjoyable. This is another game you can rename and give some new life to. To play Pass the Parcel you need a parcel and some music that goes along with your party theme. For a princess party play some Disney Princess songs, for a pirate party play What Do You Do With A Drunken, or for a cowboy theme party use some western cowboy songs. You can name your parcel according to your party theme too. The princesses' package, the pirate's treasure or the cowboys saddle bag are all possibilities for a parcel name. Okay, now, how to play Pass the Parcel. Wrap the parcel a lot. And with each layer of wrapping include a can be a small prize like some temporary tattoos or stickers, or a lollipop or whatever prize you decide upon. Sit everyone in a circle and start the music and Pass the Parcel. Stop the music and the guest who has the parcel can unwrap a layer of wrapping. Plus they get the prize inside. When a player gets to unwrap the parcel and keep the prize, they must leave the circle. Keep going until there is only one child left and of course, they get to keep the prize in the middle of all those layers.

A classic and very fun party game for a kids birthday party is Pin the Tail on the Donkey. This fun kids game is so easy to change into a new version. Pin the Crown on the Princess, Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate or X Marks the Spot are other fun ideas. Pin the Hat on the Cowboy or the Eye on Muno for a Yo Gabba Gabba party are just a few ways to turn this fun, fun party game into the perfect game for any them party. You all know how to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey...right? Each child gets a tail with two sided tape on it. You blind fold the player who is up, turn them around a couple times and then point them in the direction of the Donkey. They must try to stick the tail closest to where it belongs. The one who does get the tail close to where it belongs gets a prize...of course, you can give everyone a prize for playing. Stickers or temporary tattoos make great prizes for this kind of love them and they are about the cheapest party game prizes you are going to find.

The Pinata game is fun too. Pinatas are a traditional Mexican game. A pinata is really a breakable container for party prizes and candies. The goal of this fun party game is to break the pinata and gather all the goodies hidden inside. These pinatas come in every theme imaginable so all you have to do is pick one that matches your theme and fill it with good stuff the kids will like. Stickers, temporary tattoos, candies and small game prizes work perfectly as filling. I like the pull string pinatas. This is a game that has strings the kids can pull. One of these strings rips the body of the pinata so the goodies fall out. Then everyone tries to gather all the goodies they can. You can buy a pull sting model or you can buy a pull string conversion kit to make this kids party game very safe. To play you hang your pinata up and blind fold each child as they take a turn pulling a string. You can put the blind fold on, and like with Pin the Tail on the Donkey, spin each child and head them off in the direction of the hanging pinata. Tell them about how many steps they need to take and send them off.

To find more fun, fun, fun games for your next kids birthday party visit us at This list has tons of fun, fun, fun games for kids and adult parties. Find all the theme party supplies, favor ideas, party food ideas, and planning tips you need to host a kids birthday party at Get the latest kids party theme ideas and supply packs available plus game ideas, game prizes plus unique and creative ideas for you to host the best kids party ever. You can also submit your own fun ideas or take some of ours...ask our party planner any kid party questions you have. We love a fun party!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Choosing the Best First Birthday Outfit For Your Daughter

Choosing the Best First Birthday Outfit For Your Daughter

By Amanda Cummings

Having a baby is an important time in your life. Nothing is tougher than the first year with a new baby. The first birthday party is a time to celebrate the accomplishments you've made as a parent and the accomplishments your baby has made in her first year.

These days, first birthdays are big events with parents inviting many friends and family. Themes are often chosen to use as a basis of decorating and making invitations. Choosing the perfect first birthday outfit is also important to make your baby shine on her special day.

It's important to keep in mind certain things while choosing a first birthday outfit for your little one. The birthday outfit should match your child's birthday theme with a special character or idea behind it. Your first birthday outfit should be comfortable and easy for your child to move, crawl or walk around it. Many first birthday outfits come with a matching bib which is important to keep such a special outfit clean to keep as a keepsake for years to come.

For girls, birthday tutus are very popular. Birthday tutus are fun because they show off your baby with an enormous amount of tulle and puffy accents. Most shops and boutiques will allow you to create your tutu with the colors you wish to match the theme of your child's party. Some birthday tutus can be made with matching applique t-shirts. Search for the character you are using for your child's theme and you may find a birthday tutu made with that particular character on the tee.

1st Birthday dresses are also popular and fun to buy. A first birthday dress can be kept as a keepsake or be used to take the all important 1st birthday photos with. Many 1st birthday dresses can be personalized with monograms or a name embroidered across the front. Again, search for the perfect first birthday dress by looking for one made with the theme of your child's birthday party on it.

No matter what type of birthday tutu, first birthday dress or first birthday outfit you buy, your daughter will look amazing on her big special day!

Amanda Cummings has a degree in elementary education with a health science minor. She is the mother of three and owner of

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beach Party Games For Kids and Adults

By Dee Schrock

If there is one great aspect of beach party games, then it must be that the children can play them with the adults. During this, the generational gap is stabilized more than before, a feature that you most likely did not even consider until you can feel it in the hugs and giggles everywhere.

You can split beach-themed party games into two-the dry games that take place on land and the wet games in the water. You can combine and coordinate these games for a good time on both land and water, which will be wonderful for everybody.

Games on Land

Now certainly with beach party games being hosted close to water, you cannot help it when you get wet from the ocean sprays. Nevertheless, such games are enjoyed on the beach rather than the water for more fun. You can instead go for the traditional beach game such as volleyball, Frisbee and the very interesting coconut bowling. When it comes to volleyball, it is imperative to consume a lot of water to prevent dehydration and to keep warm and prevent injuries. Remember that the soft sand can influence your ability to run and return the ball.

You can also have Frisbee competitions. Allow 2 people, 1 adult and 1 kid to make a team. Each team that has the most points in knocking over plastic bottles filled with sand within a certain time will win the game. On the other hand, try coconut bowling. Rather than trying the regular ball and pins, you can instead use coconut and bottles filled with sand.

Beach parties hosted on land are not complete if there are no relay games incorporated. You can select from Poop the potato (an easy relay race) and turtle relay (participants push eggs with their chins to a hole in the ground just like turtles), to mention a few relays.

Water Games

Water games involve players getting wet at any or all portions of the game. You can alter some of the land-based games to include the water setting such as:

1. Play a relay game with a bottle. The players will give the bottle from one individual to the next so that person that reaches the finish line on the shore is the winner. You can involve the children however make certain they are the last in line to prevent tiring their more delicate bodies.

2. Water balloon competitions are superb beach party games. Rather than filling water balloons, the player must fill empty water balloons with water, which are then stored on land. The team that has the largest amount of filled water balloons wins.

When it comes to the rewards, you should make certain that everybody would be pleased with them. Therefore, you can get sweet goodies like candies and little toys for the kids while the adults can get useful stuff like sunglasses and sunscreen. You might want to give naughty prizes but do not forget that the kids are near so keep them hidden until an adult celebration on the beach.

For more Beach Party Theme Ideas and free theme party ideas, visit for tons of popular theme party ideas, including decoration, costume, game, and party drink ideas.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Whimsical Tea Party Themes For Little Ladies

By Marcia Schwanger

Exciting tea party themes can add a fun twist to a traditional idea and thrill the special young lady in your life.

Little girls spend countless hours hosting imaginary tea parties - meticulously arranging miniature cups and saucers, expertly pouring invisible tea, and mastering the art of casual chitchat to a captive audience of teddy bears and dolls. Young ladies love tea parties because they make them feel beautiful, sophisticated, and very grown up. So why not make all those childhood dreams come true and plan a party that they will never forget?

1. Princess Tea Party. Every girl dreams of being a beautiful princess in her own Cinderella story, so play the fairy godmother and grant her the wish of spending a surreal afternoon in a breathtaking fairytale. Ask guests to come in elegant, fancy dresses, and make sure that each princess is crowned with a bejeweled tiara. Glitter, jewels, royal colors, sumptuous teacakes, and dainty cups and saucers will transform an ordinary tea party into a grand ball fit for a princess!

2. Valentine's Tea. Valentine's Day is a time to honor and recognize special friendships, and young ladies can celebrate by hosting a red and white tea party that is full of heart. Imagine how special each guest will feel when they are presented with a red rose and invited to partake of delicious heart-shaped treats while sipping savory red teas and sparkling punches.

3. Christmas Tea. Young ladies can come dressed in their festive finery and enjoy an afternoon of spiced tea, Christmas cookies, and fun holiday games. Test their knowledge with Christmas trivia, make a tree decoration, or even stuff stockings for underprivileged children in the community.

4. Tropical Tea. Celebrate summer with a beach themed tea party where guests come in Hawaiian shirts and leis, and tables are laden with fruit bowls or tropical flowers. Young ladies can learn the art of hula dancing while enjoying the refreshment of fruity teas and exotic fruits. An ice cream bar may also be a tasty addition.

5. Victorian Tea. Take a trip back in time and experience an age where refinement and sophistication ruled. Ask guests to come dressed in true 1800s style and enjoy an afternoon of parlor games and dainty petite fours. Decorate a hand fan or fancy hat, and even take time for a fashion show.

6. Alice in Wonderland Tea. Encourage guests to "not be late for a very important date" as they are invited to jump through the magic rabbit hole and enter a wonderland of mismatched tea cups, "eat me" "drink me" signs, and multicolored decorations. Make your own Mad Hatter hats and engage in an exciting game of croquet on the outdoor lawns.

7. International Tea Party. Ask guests to come dressed in the traditional attire of various countries as they take a trip to the World's Fair. Decorate with flags, national flowers, and authentic symbols, and challenge the young ladies to sample international teas. Whether India's Darjeeling, Africa's Rooibos, Thailand's Cha-Yen, or China's Longjing, guests will spend an afternoon traveling the world and experiencing the taste of various cultures.

8. Garden Tea. Elegant tablecloths, fresh flower bouquets, and fancy dresses will transform a typical backyard into tasteful estate grounds. After a fashionable buffet of iced tea and finger foods, young ladies can try their hand at flower arranging, make a craft, or play lawn bowling and other simple party games.

9. Mother/Daughter Tea. Mothers and daughters can dress up in their finest and enjoy an exquisite afternoon of reconnecting and catching up while sipping tea and nibbling delicacies. Have a little fun by giving each other a makeover, test guest's knowledge by taking a mother/daughter quiz, or show off expert poses with a mother/daughter photo shoot.

10. Father/Daughter Tea. Young ladies love to dress up and spend an afternoon enjoying their father's undivided attention. Plan a tea where dads have the opportunity to treat their little princesses like royalty for a day, even sharing in a special father/daughter dance.

Tea parties are becoming a popular choice for every age group and any occasion. Choose from a variety of tea party themes and begin planning today!

Marcia Schwanger has worked in the tea party and hospitality business for over 20 years and created to share her knowledge and ideas. Plan your next party around one of the creative tea party themes she details.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun Summer Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

By Kim Dunkin

Summer birthday parties are great fun with so many themes to choose from. With these summer fun theme ideas, the hardest part will be deciding on just one!

Hula Luau, Pool Party, Shovel and Pail, Surfs Up and Flip-Flop are some of the great Summer Fun themes available. Take into consideration the age and gender of your child and his or her favorite summer activities when choosing a theme. With so many fun summer themes, the hardest part will be choosing just one.

A Hawaiian Hula Luau is a festive Summer Fun theme with an island twist. Especially great for teen and tweens but suitable for youngsters as well, this theme has it all: fun, sun and sand. Invitations can be purchased at online party stores or make your own that looks like a lei or Hawaiian flower. Barbecue chicken kabobs, grass skirts and colorful leis set the mood for the luau while the Hawaiian game of Limbo proves "how low can you go?" The "Hula Luau Murder Mystery Game" will have the whole island wondering "who done it?" String up paper lanterns and dance the night away with Hawaiian music. If your party is poolside, why not set up a floating light show? A pineapple or palm tree shaped cake is sweet and wont cost a lot of dough. Great luau recipes can be found online. If you choose this them, get ready, an ocean of fun awaits you and your guests!

A Pool Party is perfect for those that have a pool available. If your child is young, a wading pool or two will suffice. Send out homemade invitations printed on bright colored paper in the shape of a beach ball or life preserver and even add more details with a 3d paint pen. Make your pool party really hot with some cool decorating ideas. Scatter beach balls all around and other pool toys and props. Add some inflatable palm trees too. Balloons are great at any party. Beach ball shaped mylars can be mixed with primary colored latex ones for a fun effect. Fun games are a must. "Diving for Dollars" is always fun though you might opt to use spare change instead. Serve food that reeks of summer fun like hot dogs and multi-colored swim ring jigglers. An awesome cake idea is a ring cake decorated like a swim ring. There are tons of great ideas for pool parties that can be found online and you are sure to spark up a few of your own to make your pool party a splash.

Another great Summer Fun party idea is the Flip-Flop theme. It is an excellent choice for pre-teen and younger girls. Flip-Flop invitations can be purchased online or you can easily make your own. Check online party stores for Flip-Flop mylar balloons to add that extra flair to your party decorations and Flip-Flop lights are available too. A Flip-Flop pinata serves as a cute prop and a fun game later. A Flip-Flop dish makes chips and dip even better. Make a cake shaped like a Flip-Flop and cup cakes too. Keep the gang on their toes by playing the fun game "Flip Flop Hide and Seek". If you have a teen or tween, this party may just be the one to sink your toes in.

Younger children love to play in the sand so Shovel and Pail is a Summer Fun theme they will really dig. With a sand box or two and some sand box toys, the children will entertain themselves for hours. Decorate with lots of bright colored balloons and plenty of shovel and pails as well as sand box toys. Let the children dig in the sand to uncover tiny treasures or small toys. For dessert, serve pudding in pails topped with crushed graham crackers. If you have a little one that loves the sand, you may have uncovered the perfect Summer Fun theme.

Surfs Up! This Summer Fun theme is great for boys and girls, and both younger and older children. Surfs Up invitations are available online or make them yourself by shaping card stock bright colored paper to look like a surf board. Surfs Up paper plates, cups, napkins, mylar balloons and table covers make the party complete. A "Beach Party Scavenger Hunt" will have the guests scrambling to win. All summer food is fair game at this party like hamburgers, hot dogs and fruit and veggie trays. Why not serve up a birthday cake shaped like a surf board for a sweet treat? If you child likes sun, fun and surf, this party will surely be a smash.

Whichever Summer Fun theme you and your child decide on, these innovative ideas are sure to splash up a few of your own for a great Summer Fun party where memories will shine on for years.

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