Monday, February 21, 2011

Princess Themed Birthday Party

Birthdays are so much fun but finding the perfect birthday outfit can be a headache. Take a look at our picks for the perfect Princess Birthday Outfit.

First pick up a Girls Lucky Gabi Fluff Top (shirt only) then pair it up with Girls Lucky Gabi Light Pink Pettiskirt. This beautiful princess like pettiskirt is made from layers and layers of soft chiffon and made especially for little twirling princesses.

Then top it off with an Oh so Sweet Birthday Creations Pink Dot Birthday Crown. This crown can be adorned with a felt number or an embroidered initial. This little crown is hand made with 100% wool felt and has an elastic band in back to fit your princess perfectly!

Your perfect princess birthday outfit is now complete. We also have many other birthday outfits for girls & boys, and accessories to accommodate any little birthday wish. Happy shopping!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pink Ladybug Tutu

Springtime is near and it is time to bring some bright beautiful colors into your little girls wardrobe. Pinks and greens are super fun colors but add in a ladybug and it will be oh so cute. This Girls Birthday Big Pink Ladybug Tutu set will add all those vibrant colors you want to welcome springtime.
Ladybugs are really cute but if your little girls likes something different we most certainly do have a tutu for all likes. Maybe she likes puppies so get her a Girls Birthday Blues Clues Tutu Set, or perhaps she likes Princesses, what little girl does not like princesses, get her a Girls Birthday Princess Tiana Tutu Set. We have ones with monkeys, mermaids and cupcakes. The choices are limitless so browse through our entire collection here.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Personalized Birthday Hats

Bring it on!! That's what we say here at Baby Birthday Boutique. We have it all from decorations to Personalized Birthday Hats. Hats, Hats, Hats we have big hats, small hats, blue hats and some with rats! No, just kidding. However we really do have a hat for every birthday kid and for every birthday theme.

These hats can be personalized with your child's initial or their birthday number. They are hand stitched and reinforced with poster board so they are sturdy and will stand strait on their cute little heads. Take a look at some of what we have and browse our full line of personalized hats here: