Thursday, April 22, 2010

Planning the Cutest Ballerina Party Ever!

By Thor Hanso

Does you little girl want to be a sweet and beautiful ballerina? Then, make this dream come true in her birthday! Turn your sweet birthday girl --- as well as her little guests --- into ballerina princesses with these great Ballerina-inspired party plan. Ready your camera for a day of pretty little girls in tutus and ballerina shoes!

Turn Your Place into a Sweet Ballerina Haven!

To turn the party area into a nice and sweet ballerina haven, be sure to have lots of pink! Also add a touch of whites, purples and silvers. Next is to decorate your front door with lovely wreaths to match the theme. The wreaths will be a nice welcome for your ballerina party guests. Plus, it signals the party location.

Hang lots of streamers using the Ballerina color scheme. String up lots and lots of pink and white helium balloons! This alone will make a very 'Grand' statement! Also place a big mirror in the party area. This way, the young ballerinas can see how cute they look with their ballerina outfits on. Remember to decorate the mirror with stars and glitters.

Cover the party table with a ballerina-themed table cover. For the birthday table centerpiece, fill a large bowl with soft gemstone rings. Tie some heart-shaped Mylar balloons to the birthday chairs. Spread a good amount of confetti on the table.

Send The Cutest Ballerina Invitations!

For a cute ballerina party invitation, take a photo of your little girl in her best ballerina outfit, standing in a ballerina position. Use the scanned version of this photo to place on the front of the party invites. This will surely please your little girl!

In the invitation, write a simple message that you'll want to have the little guests to come wearing their ballerina attire. Mention in the RSVP that they should let you know if they don't have ballet flats or tutus so that you can provide one to the little girls who need them.

Have Some Cute Ballerina Party Favors!

Cute ballerina party favors include necklaces, bracelets, rings, tiaras, lip glosses, ballet stickers, ballet tutus and Angelina Ballerina books. Little guests will surely love these!

Host some Fun Ballerina Birthday Party Games!

There are a whole wide range of cute games your tutu-clad guests will surely enjoy. A perfect example is Magic Star Relay. Create four large stars using golden-colored cardboard. Then, divide the kiddies into two equal lines and provide the first kid in each line with two stars. These stars are the only things they can step on as they travel from the front of the line, around a chair, and back to the line again. With the 'GO!' signal, girls should place one star on the ground and step on it. Then they place the second star on the ground and step on it. While stepping on the second star, they pick up the first star and make it their 'stepping stone' again. This continues until ballerinas finish their relay leg. They then should hand the two stars to the next player in line. The group to cross the line first wins!

Another is the Balloon Dance. Tie some inflated balloons on long strings to the girls' wrists, waists and ankles. Then turn the background music on and let the children dance. This could be a fun ruckus since participants have to try popping the balloons of the other dancers. They should also take some extra alert since they must protect their balloons from the others.

Have a Jewelry Box Decoration Activity too! Purchase a Jewelry Box Craft Kit from a party store or craft store. Then let your ballerina party guests decorate their own boxes with glitter, stickers and jewels. With this great Ballerina Party Plan in mind, you'll surely make your precious girl and her guests celebrate like true ballerinas! For more fun and interesting party-theme ideas, watch out for my upcoming party-theme ideas articles!

To learn more detail information about planning the perfect Ballerina Party visit Thor's website where you will find more information about Ballerina party favors, games and decorations!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Creating a John Deere Birthday Party

By Porter Niles

Have a John Deere birthday celebration for your child or preteen. Consider these fun ideas when planning a John Deere Tractor birthday party. Follow these simple steps.

* Get your party invitations and supplies for a farm party on-line.

* Use John Deere party paper products you can find on-line.

* Use streamers and balloons in the John Deere colors of green and yellow.

* Look for party favors and decorations of red barns, farm animals and farm people.

* Make invitations cut into farm shapes such as barns or farm animals. Put a small amount of hay straw in each envelope.

Planning Your John Deere Birthday Party:

* Send the invitations out a few weeks before the party. Be sure to include R.S.V.P. on the invitations. It is also a good idea to follow up with those you have invited to make certain they plan on attending.

* Consider hiring a petting zoo to come to your home or a pony ride. If you are having the party elsewhere, at a venue, have them come to this location.

* Ask the guests to dress in farm clothing such as over-alls, straw hats, bandannas, and boots.

* Purchase the birthday child a John Deere T-Shirt to wear at the party. Have the party guests sign the shirt.

* Shop for party favors such as straw hats and bandannas for the guests to wear when they arrive. Purchase small favors such as small farm animals and anything else farm related that can be placed in a favor bag. Many ideas can be found on the internet.

* Shop around for cake ideas. If you rather the cake be made by a bakery shop, begin looking at different cake ideas. If you rather make the cake yourself, start shopping around for ideas such as pans shaped in farm animals or a barn. Be very creative when it comes to the cake since this is usually an audience catcher.

* Consider purchasing a prop of a John Deere Tractor. These can be found on line. Use this to set out by the party entrance for photo opportunities.

* Purchase props that you can decorate the front of your home with. A door cover of a barn can be really cute.

* Purchase straw to be spread on the floor or on the area outside where the party will be held.

* If you are fortunate enough to have access to a real John Deere tractor, place it at the entrance of your home. Another great photo opportunity.

* Purchase some bales of hay to spread out over the party area. The kids can use them to climb on and these also work well for photos.

* Purchase items you will need for "farm" games and activities. A pin the tail on the donkey is a good idea. A game with eggs is also another good idea and can be based on the eggs the chickens lay. An idea can be with real or plastic eggs depending on the age of the party goers. See how many eggs the child can get from the chicken to the house without dropping them. Use your creativity with games since these can be lots of fun and quite memorable for the party goers and birthday child.

* Offer animal crackers and moo-milk to the children. Be creative with the foods you will serve. Many ideas can be found on-line.

* Play real country western music at the party. Consider the old-timers such as Patsy Cline or Will Rogers.

* Consider square dancing games, competitions or just dancing for fun. You may have to give a quick lessons of a few simple steps.

* Place bales of hay to make a small maze for the kids to run through.

* Serve the cake and ice cream to kids sitting on the bales of hay.

* Play a game to see how fast each child can husk a corn.

* Play horseshoes as one of the party games

* For longer parties, consider showing a movie like Charlotte's Web. If you have the ability to show the movie outdoors, be sure to have this set up prior to the party. Use the bales of hay for seating. Serve popcorn as the movie food.

* Consider building a fire to roast marshmallows on. Be sure to have the sticks ready to place the marshmallow on to roast.

Using your imagination and creativity can make for a wonderful John Deere Tractor and farm birthday party.

Porter is a John Deere fan that owns a variety of John Deere licensed products. However, his favorite part of the company is their tractor line. He has miniature replicas of the John Deere 3010 and the John Deere 455 tractor in his home.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Various Pool Party Games For Children

By Dee Schrock

Pool party games add thrilling entertainment and enjoyment into any child's party by the pool. You do not need a large swimming pool because a small one will do for the purpose as long as you can put your imagination to work. In addition, you can always alter the staple land-based games for playing the water.

Pinata by the Pool

The pinata with its sack full of goodies that range from little toys to large candies and are common in a kid's celebration. Children enjoy attempting to break open the paper mache, which is formed into different shapes containing the surprises inside. Now, why not add a pinata to your swimming pool party? You can have the children hit the pinata while they are in the pool by using the classical method ( putting a blindfold over the eyes) or allowing each child to hit the pinata while he/she jumps into the water ( without a blindfold on). Imagine cannonball with a twist.

Definitely, you should make certain that every kid is safe from harm. Ensure that the children are stationed a good distance away from the pinata. As well, as an alternative, you can replace candies with other treats protected in waterproof containers and the toys may include things like squirt guns, swimming goggles and sunglasses. You will see that this is one of the most desired pool party games.

This game with a twist would be throwing many prizes in the center of the swimming pool, as if in a treasure hunt. The children can stand on either side of the swimming poll and then swim to the center when you have thrown the prizes. Certainly, you must make sure that only older children are included in the game.

Crossing the River

This game needs mental planning, physical balance and social cooperation, all of which are the major aspects of a wonderful game enjoyed by parents and kids as well. You should set up two ropes across the length of the pool, one for every group of children. You can then give every team rafts such as an inflatable pool bed, one that both adults and kids can use. The aim of the rafts is that it can be something that the children can float on however it is not stable if a person stands or sits on it.

To begin, all the party members will stay on one side of the pool. The first person in line will pull himself towards the other side of the pool and then back again. The second person does this too and so on until everybody has completed crossing the river, or pool. You can select the winner either by who finished first or by what group was not as wet. Like the pinata game, this is one of the more liked of all pool party games.

Regardless which of the two pool party games you pick, it is vital to make sure that the children are safe. Therefore, you must give life vests as well as adult supervision at all times. You want your children and their friends to have a good time in the pool, and not be exposed to hazards.

For more free pool party games and ideas, visit for tons of fun and creative party games as well as for hundreds of our free theme party ideas.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mix it Up - Kid's Birthday Party Ideas to Keep Things Interesting

Mix it Up - Kid's Birthday Party Ideas to Keep Things Interesting

By Roman Holland

Kids' birthday parties may be very enjoyable. Not only are they a reason for a group of kids to obtain together and have enjoyable, but the adults can get involved with enjoyable activities, as well. Planning a birthday party doesn't need to be complicated even so. You'll discover that you will discover a lot of kids birthday party ideas that you are able to use to make certain your party is loved by the hosts and guests alike.

Themed parties are very well-liked amongst kids of all ages. The trick is to pick a theme which will suit the distinct guests who have been invited. For instance, quite young young children might respond greater to a unique theme than older youngsters. More athletic kids may perhaps appreciate a selected theme more than bookish youngsters. Knowing kids' hobbies and interests can assist you plan a terrific birthday party for your child and their friends. Here are some good kids birthday party ideas you'll be able to test out.

The pirate theme. Pirates are really common correct now. You'll find a lot of books and movies that have recently been released that involve pirates. So this is an awesome time to host a pirate themed birthday party. Ask your guests to dress up as pirates, and ensure that you dress up, as well. A baggy white shirt, some black pants, plus a bandanna around your head are a excellent begin. Set up a treasure chest full of chocolate gold coins near the party food. Pin paper skulls and cross bones into the wall. You can think about adapting party games to suit the theme. For instance, you can play pin the tail on the donkey applying a picture of a pirate ship along with a mast.

A superheroes or even frequent heroes party is one of the most common kids birthday party ideas. This theme suits small children of all ages and interests. Everyone looks as much as someone or secretly wishes that they had super powers. Encourage the guests to arrive in costume as their favorite superhero. Theme your home to appear like a comic book. For instance, pin up cut outs that say "bam!" and "thwack!" and so on. The food may also be superhero themed. Use typical food, but add labels noting that it might cause selected super powers. Try to theme your games to involve typical superhero themes for instance invisibility or flight.

A safari is also one of the kids birthday party ideas. You possibly can set your home or backyard as much as resemble a jungle. Use paper cut outs and stuffed toys for the animal exhibits. Kids can arrive in costume, or you are able to dress up a safari guide to take the kids via the "jungle". Some safari themed music can add an excellent effect to this unique party theme. You possibly can also download animal sounds to play during the party. Themed colors could also add on the mood, so contemplate employing brown, yellow and red streamers, balloons and plate sets to add towards the safari feel from the party.

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