Sunday, May 16, 2010

13th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls and Boys

By Beverly Frank

A 13th birthday party might be considered one of the most important birthday parties; at least up to that point in the child's life! So it is very important that the party is fun and creative. This article has great ideas for 13th birthday parties. Some of the ideas can work for either boy or girl parties, and some are for combined parties.

Rent Out a Gym

Many towns and cities have a local gymnastics gym. Some of these places can be rented out for an hour or two for birthday parties. These places can be a great idea for a 13th birthday party. There are mats and trampolines, big foam shapes, and pits filled with foam. Thirteen-year olds can have fun for hours here playing tag, jumping around, and playing on the equipment.

When the gyms are rented out, they will usually come with several of the workers to watch the kids when they use the equipment and play around to make sure they stay safe. It might also not be a bad idea to recommend, or at least allow the parents of the party goers to stick around at the gym if they would like to.

This party idea is a great idea for a boy and girl party or exclusively a girl or solely a boy 13th birthday party. But it would definitely be more fun for the kids if there are more kids there to run around and play tag.


A swimming party is a great idea for a 13th birthday party. And this type of party can be done year round. If it is too cold to swim outside, most cities have indoor pools that can be used during the winter. Kids have fun swimming and playing in the water. Most 13-year old teens probably prefer to have a swimming party with kids of their own gender, but this type of party could be a good idea for a boy and girl party if the birthday kid feels comfortable with that.

Though most kids can make up their own fun when they are swimming with their friends, it isn't a bad idea for the parent(s) to have some ideas for pool games just in case the need arises. Games like water volley ball and Marco Polo can be a lot of fun. After the kids swim they can gather together for pizza, cake, and ice cream.


Having a sledding party for a 13th birthday party is definitely dependent on the weather, but if there is enough snow, this can be a great birthday party idea. Sledding is a lot of fun for both thirteen year old boys and girls. Along with sledding, there could be a snow man building contest, or a snow angel making contest. And parents can serve the kids hot chocolate, cake, and ice cream after they have gone sledding.


While some thirteen-year old kids are not quite ready for a dance, some might choose it for their 13th birthday party. There are a variety of ways to go about having a dance for a 13th birthday party. Having a theme might be a fun way to go about having a dance. Kids could be asked to dress up as certain characters from a movie, from a television show, or from a certain time period.

It is also a good idea for parents to have games set up since it may take awhile for the kids to get comfortable dancing with each other. Games such as Twister or balloon volleyball might be a great way for the kids to begin to interact with each other.

A food and drink table is another important thing to have at a 13th year old dance birthday party. It is important that parents keep the table filled with snacks and drinks throughout the party.


Another fun and simple idea for a 13th birthday party is going to a fun restaurant. There are many restaurants that have cool themes and decorations. This can be a fun way for the birthday kid to spend their 13th birthday. A restaurant birthday party might be best for just close friends and family since it can get pretty expensive if a lot of kids are invited.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great Ideas For a Curious George Themed Birthday Party

By Ronald L Goldman

Kids are a lot like little monkeys, getting into mischief as they explore their worlds. So what better theme for your child's next birthday than a Curious George birthday party theme? If you think your little monkey would enjoy a fun Curious George party, here are a few birthday party ideas to get you started with your party planning.

Send out CG birthday party invitations to all the guests at least two weeks in advance. Little monkeys have full social schedules, and you want everyone to attend. You can find invitations and other party supplies wherever party supplies are sold.

You can't have a CG birthday without activities. Re-read your child's favorite books for inspiration and incorporate his adventures into your birthday party. For example, the little monkey loves to draw and paint on the walls. Purchase large sheets of butcher's paper, poster board or craft paper and hang it on your walls at kid height. Provide finger-paints, markers or crayons so the guests can create their own artistic masterpieces.

You can also incorporate trivia into your birthday with a game to see who knows the most about Curious George. Did you know that he was called "Fifi" in the original story? Did you know that story was titled "Cecily G and the Nine Monkeys," and was published in France in 1939? Discover more fun facts at Award party favors to the guest who guesses the most correct answers. You can find favors and prizes wherever you purchase the rest of your Curious George birthday party supplies.

Other games that will fit within the party theme include "Pin the Tail on George" and "George Says." For the first, you'll need a poster of Curious George himself as well as a few cardboard cutout tails. Don't forget the blindfold! For the second, you'll need nothing but someone to play Curious George and tell the guests what to do. Award prizes to the winners from your selection of Curious George supplies.

Throughout the Curious George party, make sure the little monkeys have plenty of Monkey Mix to snack on. You can create Monkey Mix by adding dried banana chips to any other trail mix or party snack mix. Another great birthday snack would be miniature banana and peanut butter sandwiches - the perfect size for their tiny little hands.

Say happy birthday CG to your guest of honor with a monkey birthday cake. You can find a theme birthday cake pans wherever you buy your other birthday party items. Don't forget that little monkeys love bananas. Serve the birthday cake with banana pudding, or bake banana pudding within the cake itself.

At the end of the day, send each guest home with a selection of stickers, a small stuffed monkey and banana-shaped candies (such as Runts). You may find these with the other Curious George birthday supplies.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

A Stress-Free Children's Birthday Party

By Hao Chen

Organizing a kids birthday party shouldn't that be stressful for you for as long as you will understand how you must behave. To aid folks organize simple yet successful birthday parties for their children, here are some ways for you:

1. Decide the theme. The theme of the party can greatly rely upon the age of the kid. For twelve months olds, it is advisable to have a theme that everybody can relate to. Briefly, you'll develop a general style such as your child's favorite character or TV show and the likes of. For older youngsters, you'll ask them what they want for their party. If they haven't chosen yet, recommend kiddie themes such as Harry Potter theme, Pirates theme or Cowboys' theme for the boys. For the young girls, you'll propose Fairy theme or Princess style. Once you were able to come up with the theme, the remainder of the steps will follow.

2. Estimate the approach many folks, as well as youngsters, in your guest list. This can be the following best thing to do after the style. You'll be able to start with the immediate relatives, cousins, uncles and aunties, grandparents, god oldsters. Then, the chums of your kid within the neighborhood and their classmates if he/she is already in college. Knowing how a lot of individuals can be attending can give you a concept how huge the party that you have to prepare is.

3. Realize a fitting venue. For a few parents, their house is the foremost fitting venue for small parties. However if there can be many guests, it is best to seek out a location where everybody id in a position to move freely. You'll be able to consider the nearby style park or a playhouse within a mall for the situation. In deciding a venue, continuously take heed of the convenience of the attendees, whereby majority of that is children.

4. Set the period. Most birthday parties are usually set within the afternoon when everyone has rested. However, reckoning on the availability of your guests as well as of the venue, you'll be able to schedule it earlier, like before lunchtime or throughout lunch itself.

5. Do the invitation and send it in advance. You can make your individual invitations that bears the motif of the theme otherwise you can buy pre-fabricated ones from shops. The most significant thing is that you have got sent it before you proceed therefore they the fogeys of the attendees can organize their schedules.

6. Call folks of the children to be invited. This is also one sensible method of knowing how a ton of attendees can be there and if there are necessary preparations for the kid guest.

7. List down the foodstuffs you'll prepare. Reckoning on the range of guests, you can make a tentative list of the produce to be ready. Within the menu, ensure to establish the alternatives youngsters-friendly.

8. Create a listing of supplies and decorations necessary. This is also vital thus you won't need to cram when the day comes. If feasible, beautify the venue on a daily basis ahead thus you will not must concern yourself about it when the date comes.

9. Create a program flow. Young attendees throughout kids birthday parties will be unruly. To keep up orderliness, try to come up with a course of study so they'll grasp how you should behave.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun Summer Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

By Kim Dunkin

Summer birthday parties are great fun with so many themes to choose from. With these summer fun theme ideas, the hardest part will be deciding on just one!

Hula Luau, Pool Party, Shovel and Pail, Surfs Up and Flip-Flop are some of the great Summer Fun themes available. Take into consideration the age and gender of your child and his or her favorite summer activities when choosing a theme. With so many fun summer themes, the hardest part will be choosing just one.

A Hawaiian Hula Luau is a festive Summer Fun theme with an island twist. Especially great for teen and tweens but suitable for youngsters as well, this theme has it all: fun, sun and sand. Invitations can be purchased at online party stores or make your own that looks like a lei or Hawaiian flower. Barbecue chicken kabobs, grass skirts and colorful leis set the mood for the luau while the Hawaiian game of Limbo proves "how low can you go?" The "Hula Luau Murder Mystery Game" will have the whole island wondering "who done it?" String up paper lanterns and dance the night away with Hawaiian music. If your party is poolside, why not set up a floating light show? A pineapple or palm tree shaped cake is sweet and wont cost a lot of dough. Great luau recipes can be found online. If you choose this them, get ready, an ocean of fun awaits you and your guests!

A Pool Party is perfect for those that have a pool available. If your child is young, a wading pool or two will suffice. Send out homemade invitations printed on bright colored paper in the shape of a beach ball or life preserver and even add more details with a 3d paint pen. Make your pool party really hot with some cool decorating ideas. Scatter beach balls all around and other pool toys and props. Add some inflatable palm trees too. Balloons are great at any party. Beach ball shaped mylars can be mixed with primary colored latex ones for a fun effect. Fun games are a must. "Diving for Dollars" is always fun though you might opt to use spare change instead. Serve food that reeks of summer fun like hot dogs and multi-colored swim ring jigglers. An awesome cake idea is a ring cake decorated like a swim ring. There are tons of great ideas for pool parties that can be found online and you are sure to spark up a few of your own to make your pool party a splash.

Another great Summer Fun party idea is the Flip-Flop theme. It is an excellent choice for pre-teen and younger girls. Flip-Flop invitations can be purchased online or you can easily make your own. Check online party stores for Flip-Flop mylar balloons to add that extra flair to your party decorations and Flip-Flop lights are available too. A Flip-Flop pinata serves as a cute prop and a fun game later. A Flip-Flop dish makes chips and dip even better. Make a cake shaped like a Flip-Flop and cup cakes too. Keep the gang on their toes by playing the fun game "Flip Flop Hide and Seek". If you have a teen or tween, this party may just be the one to sink your toes in.

Younger children love to play in the sand so Shovel and Pail is a Summer Fun theme they will really dig. With a sand box or two and some sand box toys, the children will entertain themselves for hours. Decorate with lots of bright colored balloons and plenty of shovel and pails as well as sand box toys. Let the children dig in the sand to uncover tiny treasures or small toys. For dessert, serve pudding in pails topped with crushed graham crackers. If you have a little one that loves the sand, you may have uncovered the perfect Summer Fun theme.

Surfs Up! This Summer Fun theme is great for boys and girls, and both younger and older children. Surfs Up invitations are available online or make them yourself by shaping card stock bright colored paper to look like a surf board. Surfs Up paper plates, cups, napkins, mylar balloons and table covers make the party complete. A "Beach Party Scavenger Hunt" will have the guests scrambling to win. All summer food is fair game at this party like hamburgers, hot dogs and fruit and veggie trays. Why not serve up a birthday cake shaped like a surf board for a sweet treat? If you child likes sun, fun and surf, this party will surely be a smash.

Whichever Summer Fun theme you and your child decide on, these innovative ideas are sure to splash up a few of your own for a great Summer Fun party where memories will shine on for years.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5 Tips For Making Your Child's Birthday Party a Day to Remember

By Christina Francine

Excited about your son's birthday party? Are you struggling with your preparations for your daughter's 5th birthday celebration? We all know how wonderful these occasions are to us, which is why we make it to a point to look for the best decorations for kids' birthday parties to use for our own little celebrations. We're talking about good quality Disney banners to hang around the living room or awesome Star Wars plates, spoons, forks, and paper cups for the children to use when they're ready to have their snacks. But with so many places to buy these birthday decorations, how will you be able to find the best deal at the best price? Let's take a look at five tips to keep in mind when searching for and buying birthday decorations.

1) Ask your friends who have hosted kids' birthday parties before for referrals. They'll definitely know a place where they offer great decorations at very nice prices. List down as many names and contact numbers as you can and visit each of these places when you have the time. You can even mention who referred you to the seller as he or she might give you a discount to encourage you to come back for future party needs.

2) Don't put this task off until the last minute. You may never know when you'll already need to buy the decorations for the party so make sure to do your homework and to start looking for the best decorations for kids' birthday parties before the actual birthday of your celebrant.

3) When choosing the best decorations for your child's birthday party, consider what his or her favorite cartoon character is or what his or her favorite color or theme could be. You can base it on the clothes that he or she would usually wear, on the toys being played, and the like. You can also observe what they would usually watch on TV for ideas of what to get as birthday decorations.

4) If you really can't find any good deals at birthday party stores, you can always check online for possible birthday theme decorations. There are tons of sites offering the best decorations for kids' birthday parties so take the time to browse the online catalogues and ask the seller if they have the cartoon character or the theme you're looking for.

5) If you've decided buy your birthday decorations online, make sure that you do this weeks before the big day of your son or daughter. You need to give ample time for the seller to ship or deliver your birthday needs to your doorstep, which may take some time if the seller lives in another state or far from where you reside. You should also give enough time for returns in case the seller accidentally sends the wrong birthday package to you.

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