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Pink Skulls - Pirate Party Ideas For Girls

Pink Skulls - Pirate Party Ideas For Girls

By Jillian Gallo

Pirate party ideas for girls start with the Pink Skull supplies. Ahoy Buccaneers...Pink Skull pirate ideas for girls are pretty and pink and still have a skull and crossbones on them. This is a great kids birthday theme for the spring and summer months. Spring and summer seem to bring out the pirate in all of us. And these pretty, pink supplies are perfect for your daughter's birthday party.

Take a look and find some fun party decorations that have a skull and crossbones on them and if they are pink it's all the better. You can decorate your party room with a personalized banner...they are easy to make yourself or find one at your local party store. Set the table with accessories that have pirates on them. Pink party supplies are perfect to set your party table, along with pink foods that have pirate names. How about serving Jacquotte Delahaye Salad or Lady Killigrew Cookies. Name your party menu for lady pirates of the past. Serve Anne Bonny burgers with a pirate flag pick sticking out of the bun.

Give your guests Pirate Names too. I found a pirate name generator site on line. I put my name in here are the results. My real name is Jillian, the pirate name that was generated for me is Sinorita Shakia Word and the name of the pirate ship I sail the seas on is the Miss Raceli Ocean Lion. Silly? Yes! But it is also lots of fun. Give each girl a name tag with her pirate name and her ship written on it.

Party games are a huge part of any party and when the games match up with your theme it makes them more fun. Well, with pink pirates why not let a big Pink X Mark the Spot on that treasure chest hunt you plan. Find a pink shoe box or cover a box with pink wrapping paper. Decorate it with some pirate stickers and self adhesive jewels to make it look like a treasure is hidden inside. Fill the box with goodies and hide it. Draw a map and have clues lead the girls to more clues. Each clue can lead a girl to another spot...which she must fill in on the map, until the clues all lead to the treasure chest you have hidden. All the female pirates can share the booty they have discovered. You can find all sorts of pirate treasures to fill your chest with. There are all kinds of fun party favors and surprises like temporary pirate tattoos, faux pearl necklaces, pirate skull light up rings, glitter bracelets or glow jewelry, maybe even a pirate's bandana for each of the girls. Put lots of pirate treasures in that chest for your pink pirates!

Have a T-shirt Designing Contest. Let the girls use fabric paint pens, markers or puffy paint markers and have them each design their very own T-shirt. You can supply tracing tools and stencils so the girls have a cute design to follow. Designing T-shirts can be really fun and it's a unique party activity the girls will love. Maybe you can find a skull and crossbones stencil so your guests can make a pirate T-shirt to fit in with your party theme.

Girls love Manicures, Pedicures and a Pinata Game. There's a pinata that looks like a big bottle of nail polish. Get it and fill it with candies and goodies. Add a pull string conversion kit to make your pinata as safe as it can be. Let the girls take turns pulling the strings until the pinata bursts open and the booty hidden inside spills out. Now, after the pinata game, set up a nail polish station so everyone can get a polish.

As if that is not enough there are other fun party ideas for a girl's pirate fete and some of them are free! Add some pirate coloring pages you can print online for free, some pirate songs for a little Buccaneer Karaoke and some pirate candles for that cake or cupcake dessert you have planned. This summer give your girl a wild and fun birthday soiree...with a Pink Skull girl's pirate gala birthday party theme.

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Party Themes - Top 4 Girl Birthday Party Themes

Party Themes - Top 4 Girl Birthday Party Themes

By Chelsea Gillespie

Planning a child's birthday party is never easy. Children can be very particular in their tastes and wants. It can be a daunting task to have to find the exact theme your child wants at an affordable price. Throughout this article I will list several ideas for different girls birthday party themes.

1. Disney Princess- Most little girls have a favorite Disney princess. Whether it's Cinderella, Bell, Ariel, or the newest Disney princess; Princess Tiana, from Princess And The Frog. No matter the princess it is always a good option for a girl's birthday party. Most Disney products are well stocked and easy to find at any party store location. This makes it that much more appealing for your daughters upcoming birthday.

2. Barbie- Whether your little girl is mesmerized by the adventurous Barbie Princess movies or she just loves to play with Barbies; the Barbie party line is a great choice. Many places that sell Barbie birthday themes will have a wide variety to choose from. Much like Disney Princesses your daughter will have her favorite one, making it imperative that you find the right one. Searching online before going to a store is a sure way to know what the store will carry. Don't be afraid to call the store and ask if they have the specific item you need. This will help you avoid a trip back to their return counter and an upset little girl.

3. Stripes or Polka Dots- If the birthday girl is older than 12 you might have a harder time with themes. Sometimes it is safer to do a theme that is a little more general. Stripes and polka dot colors in very vibrant and fun colors can be just the trick to put a smile on their face. Lime green and pink or brown and pink are a very fun and young color pairing that most teenagers will love. It is easiest to shop with them and learn what their style is. Take them to the store with you and find out exactly what they want.

4. Twilight- Another popular teen theme right now is Twilight. Teen girls seem to crave the men of Twilight and would love a whole event themed around the vampires. The popularity of the party theme can cause the prices to be high. I would recommend you look online to compare prices with other places. This will assure that you are getting the best deal for your daughters birthday party.

I hope these ideas will help guide your party planning for that special birthday girl. Make sure you keep the party about her and be aware of what she prefers. With a little planning, shopping and love she will have the best party that she could have ever imagined.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Birthday Party For Kids Check List

The Birthday Party For Kids Check List

By Werner Wichmann

Planning a birthday party for kids is not always as easy as it sounds. Although you may assume that a party intended for adults would be much harder, there are many things that must be considered when planning an event for children. Make sure you have everything covered using this handy check list. The first thing to remember is to leave enough time to ensure all planning is done and everything is in order. Start early so you can enjoy stress free birthday party planning.

Item 1: Scheduling

Have you decided on a date and time for the party? This obviously must be determined before invitations can be mailed out. However, it is also important you are sure you have chosen a time that works with your schedule. If you will need time off work to prepare or enjoy the party, request it before setting the date in stone. That way, if there are any problems that do not permit time off, you still have an opportunity to choose a different date before invitations go out.

Item 2: The Invitation

Many stores sell invitations specifically intended for a birthday party for kids. Whether you buy premade invitations or make your own is up to you. If you plan to design your own invitation, make sure all the vital details are included. These are the location of the party, time and date, as well as RSVP information. If there are any details party goers must know, such as bring a swim suit or have parents come with a dish to share, then make sure these are noted as well.

Item 3: Party Supplies

A birthday party for kids does not have to follow a set schedule. You can plan a dinner or lunch gathering, or something in between that doesn't include an actual meal. Which you choose will help determine what party supplies are needed. Make sure you have ample cups, plates and plastic silverware to go around and then some. Remember, children may accidentally spill or throw away some items so having extras is important.

Item 4: The Party Area

You most likely have a designated party area decided. This will be where most of the activity goes on and where the guests should remain for the duration of the party. Before the event, make sure these boundaries are understood by your child. If guests are not to go to the upstairs bedrooms, say so. This understanding is vital to ensuring a smoothly run event. Also try to block off any areas you do not want guests to go. For example, doors to off-limits rooms should be kept closed during the party.

Item 5: RSVPs

When planning a birthday party for kids, make sure you keep a written tally of the guests who have RSVPed. The closer to the big day it gets, the harder it will be come to keep track of who has contacted you and who has not. By keeping a record, you can easily monitor and know who you have yet to hear from. A headcount is important when purchasing refreshments, so keep the RSVP list easily accessible.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tips to Barbie Birthday Party Planning

Tips to Barbie Birthday Party Planning

By Anna Shannen

Does your little girl absolutely love Barbie? Well then you should get her a special surprise for her birthday, a Barbie themed party for her birthday! If your daughter loves Barbie then she will definitely enjoy a Barbie birthday party.

When planning a Barbie themed birthday party for your little girl, then the first thing you need to get is party supplies. You need to get the supplies for the party way ahead of the party so you can be prepared. You can choose to buy the supplies from a store or make them yourself.

You need to get the invitations out at least a week or two before the party is set to happen so that you can make sure that everyone will come to enjoy the party. You can buy these ready printed and made, and all you need to do is fill in the details. You can also make your own out of card-stock paper and decorate it yourself.

Send the invitations through mail or even by hand if possible, so you can be sure that the recipients get their invitation. Ask them to RSVP so that you can have a rough estimate on how many people are going to the party.

The next thing you have to prepare is the party decorations. Choose colors that will remind everyone of Barbie. The best colors to choose are pink, light purple, and yellow. Choose your decorations according to the colors so that everything will be tied together. You can make centerpieces for the tables and set up balloons all around the area. The tables should also follow the color scheme and the chairs too.

Of course, no party would be complete without a birthday cake. There are different Barbie themed birthday cakes available in stores, so it shouldn't be too hard to find one that works for you. You can also make one at home using a dome shaped cake and a Barbie doll. The food should also be light and delicious so that everyone will enjoy eating it.

You can ask the people attending the party to bring their own Barbie dolls. The little girls will love to play with their dolls and dress them up during the party. It will provide them with a fun and interesting time with each other and with the Barbie dolls.

If you plan your child's Barbie birthday party early and well, she will have a great time at her party and will thank you for it for years to come.

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