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How to Throw a Care Bears Birthday Party - Care Bears Party Supplies, Decorations, Games and More

How to Throw a Care Bears Birthday Party - Care Bears Party Supplies, Decorations, Games and More

By Frankie Triolo

The Care Bears have been around since the 1980's and are still popular with children today (as well as the parents who grew up with them!). There is a wealth of party supplies available, from classic and vintage designs to a modern take on the characters.

Care Bears Decorations

Decorate your main party table with a themed tablecloth, centerpiece and tableware. There are numerous choices available including vintage, 1st birthday or the modern Happy Days theme. You can decorate the room with official balloons, streamers, banners and more, as well as supplementing with heart-shaped balloons, paper flowers, rainbows and hearts, or stickers.

Care Bears Party Food

There are many official products available to help you make some terrific party food, including cake topper kits, cupcake toppers, cake pans and even shaped candles!

Aside from these, however, it is possible to make some great themed food from scratch with a little imagination! Try these ideas:

  • Cookies, biscuits and sandwiches made in the shapes of bears, hearts, stars and rainbows using cookie cutters

  • A "rainbow" of fruits, sweets or ice-creams arranged on a platter in different colors

  • Bear-shaped lollies

  • Cupcakes with different character tummy symbols iced onto the tops

Care Bears Party Activities

Keep little ones entertained with plenty of party games, activities and crafts, such as:

  • Face painting

  • Musical Clouds - a variation on musical chairs!

  • Rainbow finger painting

  • Sculpting a favorite character from Play-Doh or salt dough

  • Care-A-Lot treasure hunt

Care Bears Party Favors

Make up fun party bags containing small themed accessories, such as key rings, stickers, cupcake rings, miniature figurines, heart charms and sweets. Alternatively, create a character bear pinata from paper mache and fill with treats for the children to bash open at the end of the party!

Find inspiration in the shows, movies and toys, and combine with a hearts and love theme to create a fantastic Care Bears Party!

Frankie Triolo is a stay at home mom who loves throwing parties for her kids and many nieces and nephews. She writes extensive party guides for Squidoo and has a complete guide to Care Bears party games, recipes, decorations and more at

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LEGO Party Ideas For a Kids Birthday Party

LEGO Party Ideas For a Kids Birthday Party

By Jillian Gallo

Lego Party Ideas... what child doesn't love to play with Lego toys? When you are planning your next child's birthday party why not take a look at Legos for your theme. You can find plenty of fun party supplies when Legos is the party theme. Lots of kids party games and even some easy ways to decorate that special Lego birthday cake.

When you are planning a child's birthday idea, why not go for a themed one. Initially it may seem like there is more organizing but once you have an agenda, it is really simple. For example, most boys are into Lego in some way or another. It is a great toy for constructing all types of things, from houses to working models of cars or trains.

There are plenty of Lego party ideas to choose from. Lego covers so many different themes themselves you could find yourself having a Star Wars party with Lego Star Wars characters, that is a very popular Lego theme. Or go with a SpongeBob Lego theme, a Lego firetruck theme or a police party or even a beach party if you chose the Lego City Coastguard Theme. Whichever Lego Party Idea you chose, send out Legoville party invitations letting your party guests what your theme is. Themed invitations are one of the many items you can choose from Legoville party supplies.

As Lego is such a colorful theme, you can ask the guests to dress up in different colors like a costume. When they arrive offer to paint their face. You will obviously need to check that the child has no allergies and don't paint over open cuts. Keep it simple i.e. have a different sponge for each color. Kids just love having their faces painted and they will not care that you are not Picasso. It will kick off the party on a great note.

You can carry on the color theme with the cake and the sandwiches. Using strips of colored icing will help make the cake look like Lego bricks. You can use layers of different colors jelly for deserts and food colorings will transform the plainest sandwich.

Lego party game ideas can be adapted to any of the themes you have chosen. For example, if you go for Star Wars you can play a variation of cops and robbers with one side being the dark side and the other Yoda's team. If you have gone for a color theme i.e. face painting etc, you could use some balloon games. Favorites include Catch me where all the guests receive a balloon with their name on it. The idea is that they have to keep this balloon or any nearest one in the air until the music stops. Whoever doesn't manage to keep the balloon floating is out.

If you want to have some relatively quiet time to calm the kids down, you could play draw the funny face on the balloon. The children pass around balloons and each person has to draw something for the face. So one draws the eyes, another draws the mouth and so on. Whoever pops the balloon is out and the last remaining child wins. You will obviously need a ready supply of balloons.

Use Lego party favor supplies to make up the contents of the party bags. You can buy individual packs of Lego that will have enough bricks to build one small item. Bubbles, crayons, coloring pages, temporary tattoos and stickers are always great for adding to the Lego party bags. Have lots of Lego fun with these Lego party ideas.

Ms. Party Ideas is Jillian Gallo and she writes about fun party stuff! Find all the unique party ideas and cheap party supplies at Get all the LEGO Party Ideas you need at Your next kids party is sure to be a thrill for your little party guests when LEGO is the party theme. You can learn how to plan and organize your party ideas....all kinds of kids creative party ideas, delicious and easy party menu recipes and of course, fun party games is what you will find along with some great cake and cupcake decorating ideas! Make it yourself party food, invitations and decorations. Jilly also likes to play Pinata games so you can find out the game rules and learn how to play the pinata game too.

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Princess Party Favors For Your Girl's Birthday Party

Princess Party Favors For Your Girl's Birthday Party

By Jillian Gallo

One Princess party idea that is necessary if you want your party to be an honest to goodness event fit for a princess is a tiara or a princess hat. It is the perfect party favor for your royal event.

The good news is you can find tiaras as easy as 123...well, at least as easy as clicking on a picture at my princess party web site. The same goes for a princess hat, pick out the royal head topper that fits your party budget. You will find my favorite tiara, one that is not too expensive, at my site. You can also find instructions on how to make your own party tiara.

One way to provide a tiara or princess hat for your party guests is to make one. Now your party favor idea doubles as a fun party activity. It can be as simple or as elaborate a project...which ever you choose. I usually go for easy, but that's me. You can find some easy craft ideas at How to Make a Princess Tiara, you can find that at Princess Party Ideas.

Here are some other fun party favor ideas that fit with your princess party theme. Little girls love the princess theme and you can find games, decorations and party supplies in several different princess patterns. We try to make a princess theme party easy to plan, because a party should be fun...not a lot of work!

Here are some party favor ideas any princess would enjoy:

1. A tiara, a princess hat, a princess skirt, a royal scepter...any princess accessory will be a fun party favor when you use a princess theme for your daughter's next birthday party. Dress up fun is always welcome at a little girls birthday party.

2. Princesses love jewelry and that makes edible princess jewelry a thrilling party favor for those little ladies. Edible necklaces, bracelets and rings are the ideal treat/favor combination. Let the girls wear these sweet treats first and then eat them later.

3. Give out some real Princess jewelry...faux pearls styled in a necklace, A princess bracelet, a glow necklace or ring, jeweled tiara...any sparkly jewel to make each guest feel like a royal princess decked out in the jewels of the kingdom. Girls like glow jewelry, so that is another fun item your little princesses' will enjoy wearing at the party.

4. A Princesses royal tresses are one of her most lovely features. Ladies in waiting have, for centuries, braided and combed her ladies hair in an effort to make it shiny and silky. Make your princesses well groomed with any of these fun hair accessories...a jeweled barrette, a fancy butterfly clip, jeweled hair combs, glitter hair gel, a bright flower on a clip. Get self adhesive jewels and let each girl decorate her own royal hair accessory.

You can use a party favor box or bag decorated with some royal embellishments, fill it with princess stickers, tattoos, glow jewelry or princess candy and of course, the girls will wear their princess tiara or princess hat home. You can find party supplies, and that includes party favor boxes and bags, that match your princess party theme and decorations.

Ms. Party Ideas is Jillian Gallo and she writes about fun party stuff! Find all the unique party ideas and cheap party supplies at Get the princess party food ideas, party games, favor ideas for kids, everything you need to plan the best princess party ever. will tell you how to make a tiara, a pumpkin carriage or a regal party keepsake your guests can enjoy for a long time to come. This is the ideal girls birthday party theme so make it perfect for your little girl.

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Elmo Birthday Party - Celebrate Your Little Monster's Birthday With the Original "Little Monster"

By Mary Setter

Did you know that Elmo, the puppet from Sesame Street didn't exist as one of their main characters? He sat around as a little red puppet that no one knew how to incorporate into the show? Every now and then, someone would come by, pick him up and try to make a voice and personality for him, but until the l980's, when Kevin Clash raised him up and began to play, there really wasn't much to Elmo. When he brought the puppet to life with his voice and personality, the writers for Sesame Street began writing for him, and eventually Elmo ended up with a 15 minute spot on Sesame Street. His career includes appearances on The Rosie O'Donnel show, a couple of movies, and he is actually the only puppet known to testify in court for the furthering of music education. Quite a lot of action for a puppet.

So what's his appeal to children? He is full of childlike wonder. He is optimistic and curious. He is soft and cuddly and red, and has a trademark giggle that is contagious. And, as he describes himself, he is 3 1/2 years old. He can relate to kids. So where is this leading? Into some fun and creative ideas to make a toddler's birthday a hit!

  1. Send out Elmo invitations and ask the kids to dress up as their favorite Sesame Street Characters. Make sure you have plenty of plates, napkins, cups, and party favors with Elmo on it. Decorate with red balloons and red crepe paper. Make a cake that looks like Elmo with colored red coconut to give the furry look you want. Have Elmo's best friend, Dorothy the Goldfish, in a safe corner for the kids to admire. Or, as one of the gifts, you could give your child a goldfish. Depending on the age, it is fun to have something live in the house and it can be good for learning some simple responsibility early on.

  2. Create a Sesame Street in your own home. Garbage can, brick wall scene setter, and a Big Bird Stand-up. Invite the other parents of the guests to take part in voicing some puppets from Sesame Street for a puppet show. You could always dress up as Sesame Street Characters yourself, get the child's siblings enrolled, or the other adults, and do a live-action broadcast of Sesame Street. We all need to unwind sometimes. What a way to let go for a few minutes, or hours, depending on how much fun you are having.

  3. Watch an Elmo movie. Have a big screen TV, or a projector for the wall, and make it a "going to the movies" adventure. You could rent a popcorn machine, have a soda fountain, and some candy, and let the kids sprawl out on the floor and enjoy. You may want to put down some large sheets of plastic in case of spills. Red, disposable table cloths would be great for that.

  4. Other Activities: How about an Elmo Pinata? Pinatas have all time appeal. Kids love to whack at things, and when those things produce an abundance of candy, its even better. You could buy some Sesame Street coloring books for the kids to color. Or they could make some hand puppets of Elmo, or another favorite Sesame Street character. With a little supervision, paper bags, good crayons, colored yarn, and some craft eyeballs, they could work some wonders in creating hand puppets. Then let the kids put on their own show.

Get started looking for the Elmo Birthday Party Supplies you will want. Keep "Oscar" close by for cleanup, and make some memories that will last.

You can find more ideas and children's birthday supplies here.

Find a wide selection of discount party supplies here as well. Please feel free to republish this article, but remember that you must include the resource box and original links, and the article must be left as is.

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Party Themes - Top 4 Girl Birthday Party Themes

Party Themes - Top 4 Girl Birthday Party Themes

By Chelsea Gillespie

Planning a child's birthday party is never easy. Children can be very particular in their tastes and wants. It can be a daunting task to have to find the exact theme your child wants at an affordable price. Throughout this article I will list several ideas for different girls birthday party themes.

1. Disney Princess- Most little girls have a favorite Disney princess. Whether it's Cinderella, Bell, Ariel, or the newest Disney princess; Princess Tiana, from Princess And The Frog. No matter the princess it is always a good option for a girl's birthday party. Most Disney products are well stocked and easy to find at any party store location. This makes it that much more appealing for your daughters upcoming birthday.

2. Barbie- Whether your little girl is mesmerized by the adventurous Barbie Princess movies or she just loves to play with Barbies; the Barbie party line is a great choice. Many places that sell Barbie birthday themes will have a wide variety to choose from. Much like Disney Princesses your daughter will have her favorite one, making it imperative that you find the right one. Searching online before going to a store is a sure way to know what the store will carry. Don't be afraid to call the store and ask if they have the specific item you need. This will help you avoid a trip back to their return counter and an upset little girl.

3. Stripes or Polka Dots- If the birthday girl is older than 12 you might have a harder time with themes. Sometimes it is safer to do a theme that is a little more general. Stripes and polka dot colors in very vibrant and fun colors can be just the trick to put a smile on their face. Lime green and pink or brown and pink are a very fun and young color pairing that most teenagers will love. It is easiest to shop with them and learn what their style is. Take them to the store with you and find out exactly what they want.

4. Twilight- Another popular teen theme right now is Twilight. Teen girls seem to crave the men of Twilight and would love a whole event themed around the vampires. The popularity of the party theme can cause the prices to be high. I would recommend you look online to compare prices with other places. This will assure that you are getting the best deal for your daughters birthday party.

I hope these ideas will help guide your party planning for that special birthday girl. Make sure you keep the party about her and be aware of what she prefers. With a little planning, shopping and love she will have the best party that she could have ever imagined.

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