Friday, December 17, 2010

Boys Wee Squeak Shoes

With all the holiday buzz it is hard to fit in buying the necessities. If you have boys your always buying clothes! They grow like little weeds and if that's not it they are always wearing out some piece of clothing. So rest assured we have the cutest or should I say the most handsome shoes to make your little boy look oh so handsome.

Boys Wee Squeak Brown Two Tone Shoes come in either dark brown with light brown trim or light brown with dark brown trim.

Not only are these little shoes super cute, they help your child walk properly. When your child walks from heel to toe the shoe squeaks! If you need a little quite time the squeaker can be pulled out of the heel by an adult.

So don't let your Christmas list take over the need to get your little men new shoes. There are several styles to choose from like these Boys Wee Squeak Chocolate Tennis Shoes and for those special dress up events try the Boys Wee Squeak Black Lace Up Shoes. Love them!

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