Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beach Party Games For Kids and Adults

By Dee Schrock

If there is one great aspect of beach party games, then it must be that the children can play them with the adults. During this, the generational gap is stabilized more than before, a feature that you most likely did not even consider until you can feel it in the hugs and giggles everywhere.

You can split beach-themed party games into two-the dry games that take place on land and the wet games in the water. You can combine and coordinate these games for a good time on both land and water, which will be wonderful for everybody.

Games on Land

Now certainly with beach party games being hosted close to water, you cannot help it when you get wet from the ocean sprays. Nevertheless, such games are enjoyed on the beach rather than the water for more fun. You can instead go for the traditional beach game such as volleyball, Frisbee and the very interesting coconut bowling. When it comes to volleyball, it is imperative to consume a lot of water to prevent dehydration and to keep warm and prevent injuries. Remember that the soft sand can influence your ability to run and return the ball.

You can also have Frisbee competitions. Allow 2 people, 1 adult and 1 kid to make a team. Each team that has the most points in knocking over plastic bottles filled with sand within a certain time will win the game. On the other hand, try coconut bowling. Rather than trying the regular ball and pins, you can instead use coconut and bottles filled with sand.

Beach parties hosted on land are not complete if there are no relay games incorporated. You can select from Poop the potato (an easy relay race) and turtle relay (participants push eggs with their chins to a hole in the ground just like turtles), to mention a few relays.

Water Games

Water games involve players getting wet at any or all portions of the game. You can alter some of the land-based games to include the water setting such as:

1. Play a relay game with a bottle. The players will give the bottle from one individual to the next so that person that reaches the finish line on the shore is the winner. You can involve the children however make certain they are the last in line to prevent tiring their more delicate bodies.

2. Water balloon competitions are superb beach party games. Rather than filling water balloons, the player must fill empty water balloons with water, which are then stored on land. The team that has the largest amount of filled water balloons wins.

When it comes to the rewards, you should make certain that everybody would be pleased with them. Therefore, you can get sweet goodies like candies and little toys for the kids while the adults can get useful stuff like sunglasses and sunscreen. You might want to give naughty prizes but do not forget that the kids are near so keep them hidden until an adult celebration on the beach.

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