Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great Ideas For a Curious George Themed Birthday Party

By Ronald L Goldman

Kids are a lot like little monkeys, getting into mischief as they explore their worlds. So what better theme for your child's next birthday than a Curious George birthday party theme? If you think your little monkey would enjoy a fun Curious George party, here are a few birthday party ideas to get you started with your party planning.

Send out CG birthday party invitations to all the guests at least two weeks in advance. Little monkeys have full social schedules, and you want everyone to attend. You can find invitations and other party supplies wherever party supplies are sold.

You can't have a CG birthday without activities. Re-read your child's favorite books for inspiration and incorporate his adventures into your birthday party. For example, the little monkey loves to draw and paint on the walls. Purchase large sheets of butcher's paper, poster board or craft paper and hang it on your walls at kid height. Provide finger-paints, markers or crayons so the guests can create their own artistic masterpieces.

You can also incorporate trivia into your birthday with a game to see who knows the most about Curious George. Did you know that he was called "Fifi" in the original story? Did you know that story was titled "Cecily G and the Nine Monkeys," and was published in France in 1939? Discover more fun facts at Award party favors to the guest who guesses the most correct answers. You can find favors and prizes wherever you purchase the rest of your Curious George birthday party supplies.

Other games that will fit within the party theme include "Pin the Tail on George" and "George Says." For the first, you'll need a poster of Curious George himself as well as a few cardboard cutout tails. Don't forget the blindfold! For the second, you'll need nothing but someone to play Curious George and tell the guests what to do. Award prizes to the winners from your selection of Curious George supplies.

Throughout the Curious George party, make sure the little monkeys have plenty of Monkey Mix to snack on. You can create Monkey Mix by adding dried banana chips to any other trail mix or party snack mix. Another great birthday snack would be miniature banana and peanut butter sandwiches - the perfect size for their tiny little hands.

Say happy birthday CG to your guest of honor with a monkey birthday cake. You can find a theme birthday cake pans wherever you buy your other birthday party items. Don't forget that little monkeys love bananas. Serve the birthday cake with banana pudding, or bake banana pudding within the cake itself.

At the end of the day, send each guest home with a selection of stickers, a small stuffed monkey and banana-shaped candies (such as Runts). You may find these with the other Curious George birthday supplies.

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